This is my idea testimonial. I will use this blog to post my ideas, plans and finds. My primary objective with this blog is to document and organize my thoughts. Hopefully some of my projects will come to be interesting, or even useful for you!
- This website is written and maintained by Jon Brede Skaug
Dette er en ideé blogg - det er her jeg samler mine prosjekter og funn. Mitt hovedobjektiv med denne bloggen er å organisere og dokumentere tanker til senere. I tillegg håper jeg at jeg lager noen prosjekter som kan komme til nytte til andre. Takk for at du tok en titt innom!
- Siden er skrevet og driftet av Jon Brede Skaug

Why do you write in two languages?

There's things and ideas that are best to share in an international language to be as accessible as possible. However I am natively a Norwegian - there's cultural differences and specific topics which I believe is best presented in Norwegian or may even be completely irrelevant on the international platform. Which is why I decided to make a bi-lingual blog.

How often do you write new updates?

I try to do it as often as possible when I find something interesting. However I want to go with quality before quantity and without caring that much about what I specifically write.

Are you associated with any companies?

Sort of! I got my own IT company where I work on projects as a consultant. I am actually a self-taught web developer. I got a broad skillset but I have also specialized in graph databases. Otherwise, no.

Curious about what blog framework I am using?

This website started out as Wordpress but it eventually got converted into using the Ghost framework. I can highly recommend it for both authors and developers. It's fast and modern, it also doesn't try to be anything but a blog platform, of which it is very good.